McCreary Modern Inc. Return to Work

updated Wednesday April 8, 2020.

First and foremost, we hope and pray this message finds you and your family healthy and well. We have been closely assessing the COVID-19 pandemic and will be taking the following actions:

As McCreary Modern has been designated an Essential Business as specified in the Governor’s Executive Order No. 121, we have decided to reopen operations on a limited basis beginning the week of April 14-17.

To assist our Employee-Owners during the short production week, we have decided to declare Easter Monday a temporary holiday. All Employee-Owners that qualify will receive holiday pay for Monday April 13. Our desire is to enable our Upholstery Facilities have all the critical materials and supplies to be as productive as possible while in operation. Therefore, our Supply Plants (#2 Newton Cut and Sew, #4 Maiden Frame and #6 Woodworking) will return to work on Tuesday April 14. Upholstery Plants (#1 Newton, #9 Conover and #5 Lenoir Chair) will return to work on Wednesday April 15. The objective is for these Upholstery operations to work Wednesday through Friday, April 17. Office Staff, Marketing, Customer Service and Product Development will return to work on Tuesday April 14. Offices will begin work at 8:00.

More importantly, we have placed several new protocols in place to assure YOUR safety. First, you will be given a Class II Surgical Mask upon your arrival next week. Until further notice, all employees will be required to wear this mask while at McCreary Modern. This will not only provide personal protection but will provide protection for everyone working around you.

Second, every Employee-Owner will be required to have their temperature taken prior to entering the building. Each operation will have designated entry locations where temperatures will be taken with an instant, infrared, touchless thermometer. We will start scanning at 6:30 each morning prior to the 7:00 shift start. Anyone having a temperature of 100+ will be required to go to one of the COVID19 drive thru testing facilities and be tested. Only after you receive the results and are given the approval to return to work from a medical professional will you be allowed to resume your job at McCreary Modern. There will be no charge for the testing, and you will be given simple, clear instructions on what to do

Third, we will have “Stayed-At-Home” for almost 3 weeks by the time we return. This has allowed us to isolate anyone who is sick. If anyone has any COVID 19 symptoms like not feeling well, coughing, a fever or has been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 or someone that has been quarantined due to exposure to COVID-19, DO NOT RETURN TO WORK! You should also submit yourself for testing at one of the COVID 19 drive thru testing facilities. Again, each case will need to be cleared by a health care professional or the McCreary Modern Clinic prior to returning to work. Once again, there will be no charge for the testing. This is for the safety of yourself, your family and your colleagues.

Fourth, your safety is our top priority. We will reinforce social distancing in all operations. New Surgical masks will be available each week for all Employee-Owners. Surgical mask production will continue at Plants #2 and #9 during this period.

Lastly, there is a copy of an important document attached to this letter. It is the McCreary Modern Critical Employee Authorization Travel Letter. This document authorizes all McCreary Modern Employee-Owners to travel to and from work while the State of North Carolina is under the current Stay at Home Order.

We look forward to your return to work. Stay Safe!

Authorization to Travel Letter (click here to download and print)

Rick Coffey
President COO McCreary Modern